Public Utilities

Investigation and Hearing into Supply Issues and Power Outages on the Island Interconnected System
      Phase One
      Phase Two

Hydro's Daily Supply and Demand Status Reports

March 4, 2015 - Power Outage Review


Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro

Rate Related

2016 Application Standby Fuel Deferral Account for Fuel Consumed in Combustion Turbines and Diesel Generators

2015 Cost Deferral Application

Amended General Rate Application (2013)
Filed November 10, 2014

General Rate Application (2013) - Filed July 30, 2013

Capital Budget

2016 Capital Budget Application

2016 Supplemental Capital Budget Applications

Newfoundland Power
Rate Related

2016-2017 General Rate Application

2016 Deferred Cost Recovery Application

Application for July 1, 2015 Customer Rates

Capital Budget

2016 Capital Budget Application

Automobile Insurance

Current/Historical Maximum Allowable Pricing


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